Max Waltzing

Recently spent an enjoyable four days in the company of Max Stephenson, a true Aussie from Queensland in his 1923 Vauxhall OD type 23-60 on the Flying Scotsman Vintage Car Rally.  We travelled from Forest of Arden in Warwickshire to the wonderful Gleneagles Hotel, mostly on byways along the spine of the country, high up in the Pennines.  The event comprised regularities and tests on private ground.  I’m very pleased to say that on the former we were at the top of the table, recording some of the best times overall throughout the event and just missing out on the best score.  The tests were our downfall as the big, big machine’s performances were taken on a scratch timing basis and we couldn’t hold a candle to the lighter and more agile Bentleys.  The 23-60 is a fit-for-purpose vintageant, built by Max for long distance enduro events and has already competed on Peking Paris, London to Cape Town and a pan South America event.  It is a large, tough but quick car and got us round the event albeit with one puncture and a loss of third gear (which, in reality, didn’t affect us too much).  We came home with a top fifteen finish, a third-in-class trophy and most importantly, the best Vauxhall performer.

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