Busy times

After a couple of quiet months, March roared in with lots of activities.  It started with an outing in the Flying Sofa (aka Citroen DS21) with John Ball on the Tour of Cheshire.  9th o/all on regularity times means that I have now probably got the hang of average speed timing (eventually!…..)

Then, a last minute call saw me trailering VHC’s 30-98 to Geneva, for the launch of Vauxhall’s new luxury 4 seater convertible, the Cascada.  The relevance of a 1926 Vintage car at a new model launch centres on the fact that the 87 year old model was the last instance of a factory-built 4 seat open topper.  Journos got the chance to drive the car down to the French Riviera, culminating in a night in Monaco.  Lifestyle scribes came in for the last day to experience everything Monagesque.  The only trouble was that the wonderful sunny weather deserted us for squally rain.  However, I did get the opportunity to drive the 30-98 around the GP course.  Something to tell the Grandchildren……….

Lake Geneva with the Cascada

Casino Square, Monte Carlo

Back home for a couple of days, we then found ourselves (Jim Smith and ADD) back down to Dover and another trip across the water to Flanders for the Poppy Rally in the trusty Astra Challenge car.  The car is now old enough to be eligible for classic/historic rallies.  However, with our car being one on its own (in terms of age)  and capacity (1297cc) we were lumped in a class with much more powerful cars.  As the tests section of the event are scored on class performances, we were on a hiding to nothing against RS2000s and Avenger Tigers, but we still managed a 16th o/all from 70+ entries.  Slightly galling as a top ten finish could have happened but for two silly mistakes by me.  Oh well……

At the time of writing, with snow falling, I’m off to look for some chains to fit the Flying Sofa as the North Yorkshire Classic rally beckons this weekend (if it happens, as Helmsley and the surrounding area has been getting a drop of the white stuff for most of the week).  More to follow….


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